Friday, April 3, 2009

# 27. One last thing...

Congratulations on finishing the program!

So, what did you think? Blog it out.

Discovery Exercise:

Blog about your 27 Things experience. What did you learn? What did you like? What was missing? Should we do this again?

You could also leave a comment below.

Thanks so much for participating!


  1. Thank you! This was a good idea. Even though there were a few things that left me scratching my head, I learned a lot -- and even had fun sometimes.

  2. This was fun, and I explored several Things I would not have been inclined to investigate on my own. Learned something, too; not only about the Things, but about the delightful employees of SPL! Thanks!

  3. This was very interesting - but hard to get in once we got busier! I appreciate the opportunity to learn new things though and I think it was good for me in the long run!